Daniel Doucette brings to this consulting practice a very unique combination of an extensive background in the insurance industry coupled with many years as an active trial lawyer.

Dan Doucette

Dan Doucette – Principal of Doucette & Associates

Trial Attorney Background

His trial practice, although primarily focused on the defense of professional liability matters and aviation litigation, covered a broad range of personal injury and casualty cases of all sorts, both on behalf of the defense and on behalf of the plaintiffs.

In addition to an active trial practice, Mr. Doucette acted as a claim manager for several international programs which wrote and administered professional liability policies in the United States. In that capacity, he reviewed claims, engaged in negotiations, and when appropriate retained counsel to represent his client’s interests reporting through him.

Insurance Claims & Litigation

Immediately after law school, Mr. Doucette joined Milwaukee Insurance Company as a claim manager/litigation supervisor assuming responsibility for the oversight of claims and litigation in several states. This position evolved and expanded until such time as Mr. Doucette left the insurance company to join the law firm of Kluwin, Dunphy, Hankin & McNulty at the end of 1976.

Professional Liability & Aviation Litigation

Mr. Doucette began as an associate with the law firm (now known as Hinshaw & Culbertson) starting with a general litigation practice and eventually became focused on the areas of professional liability (insurance agents and legal malpractice) and aviation litigation, handling many significant commercial aviation disasters, as well as work for Cessna and others on accidents involving private pilots. The latter focus combined his hobby as a private pilot with his litigation activity.

He progressed to become one of the managing partners of the firm as it merged with the Chicago firm, Hinshaw & Culbertson.

Vice President of Claims/Legal at Milwaukee Insurance Group

In 1988, Mr. Doucette decided to leave the practice of law to return to the Milwaukee Insurance Group. He had initiated his experience in the insurance world by working for the Milwaukee Insurance Companies during the summers of his college years as an intern, being exposed to many areas of the company, including a specific role as a claim investigator/adjuster.

Upon his return to the insurance company, Mr. Doucette took the role of Vice President of Claims/Legal with responsibilities involving the oversight of all claim and legal activity involving the multi-company group. Several years later Mr. Doucette was appointed the Chief Operating Officer of the Milwaukee Insurance Group assuming all P&L responsibility with the exception of its life insurance subsidiary. In this capacity, all claims managers and lawyers reported directly or indirectly to Mr. Doucette and he remained actively involved in the management of all significant claims.

CEO of Milwaukee Insurance Group

Mr. Doucette was eventually appointed to the role of CEO assuming responsibility for all operating units of the insurance group. Because of his background and experience, Mr. Doucette remained active in reviewing and overseeing significant claims.

In 1995, Unitrin acquired the public companies that were part of the Milwaukee Insurance Group and the claim handling for those entities was moved to the Dallas office of Trinity Universal Insurance. Mr. Doucette remained involved in the claims involving Milwaukee Mutual Insurance Company, a company that was not acquired by Unitrin.

Finally, in 2005 Mutual Insurers Holding Company (formerly known as Milwaukee Mutual) acquired the First Nonprofit Insurance Group based in Chicago. Mr. Doucette moved to the role of Chairman, but again because of his experience, remained a member of the claims review committee which reviewed significant or unusual claims involving the company.

Consulting Practice: Doucette & Associates

Upon his retirement from the insurance group in 2011, Mr. Doucette created the consulting practice offering his services to plaintiffs and defendants in areas involving bad faith claims, litigation management and claims management.


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